History of the Outletstores Direct GmbH

2006 The beginning of our success story

In 2006 everthing started with a small step of selling chairmats on ebay. The business grew very fast and became bigger and bigger, so this was the reason why we started building a company called Outletstores Direct GmbH.  In that time we created our first online shop and started selling in both ways, trading plattforms like Ebay and our E-Commerce Online Shop.

Here is the link to our current version: www.bodenschuztmatten-outlet.de


the next big business started: we focused our eyes on another fast growing business: visual communication. We analyzed the business and started a big growing business relationship. In this time, we had our first experience with another Shop system – XT-Commerce.. In common with that E-Commerce Shop we started to built a brand on the trading platform as well. Want to visit? Check out on www.whiteboard-outlet.de


in 2009 we started a coorperation with the company T.I.P. Technische Produkte Gmbh. This Online Shop is no longer available.


in fact of the changing demographic situation and huge growing market in Germany, we launched a second Magento E-Commerce Shop with products like wheelchairs, walking frames & scooters for example. In Germany are 17 Million people over 65 Years and well funded. If you want to have a look on this shop, feel free to visit www.reha-versandhandel.de


was the year of our consolidation. We established all of our E-Commerce Projects as leading online shops in their business. We integrated Trusted shops to be a reliable partner for our customers.. We increased our Marketing Budgets to get more Return of Investments over several platforms like Google AdWords, SEO and the first beginnings of playing price and products engines.


We launched a new shop, with a fresh an clear design in 2013 – www.escooter-deutschland.de We were sure, some customers doesn´t need any aid – they were looking for lifestyle products! We had a focus on a integral on- and offline Strategy, for example selling in shopping malls.

2014 up to today

we have more than 7 years experience in building online shops – fast & with high focus on E-Commerce. In the second middle of the year – 2 of our shops will get an rebrush, new functions included, equipped with the newest findings in E-Commerce customer behaviour flow Further that, we launched our new corporate Website under www.outletstores-direct.com